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Winter Delights Box (February)


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Product Description

The Simply AIP box delivers everything you need for simply enjoying AIP so you can live your best life while you heal! WHAT'S IN THE BOX? True Primal Beef & Mushroom Organic Soup - Full of meaty vegetably goodness, this ready-to-eat soup can be heated up right in the pouch! Sweet Potato Awesome Cinnamon - Pairs perfectly with coconut yogurt or tigernut butter Pictual Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Casa De Hualdo - Award-winning olive oil perfect for seafood, beef, & lamb dishes Be Fruitful Kind Kiwi - A unique dried fruit! Wild Planet Skipjack Wild Tuna - Delicious tuna fillet in a convenient pouch Annmarie Gianni Skincare Illuminating Pearl Mask - Revives. Brightens. Hydrates. Calming & ideal for sensitivities Mystery Product - Varies with each box

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