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Bountiful Harvest Box (November)


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Product Description

The Simply AIP box delivers everything you need for simply enjoying AIP so you can live your best life while you heal! WHAT'S IN THE BOX? Paleo Powder Seasoned Coating Mix - AIP-friendly breadless "breading" you can bake or air-fry! Paleo Angel Pumpkin Pie Power Balls - Flakey outside layer with the soft, gooey, pumpkin filling inside Wander Broth Packet Chicken - Just pour contents into a cup, add hot water, and enjoy! ekoa Pure Coconut Natural Dried Fruit Bar - Coconuts, dates, and a bit of banana Steve's Paleogoods Paleo Jerky - Beef and sea salt. That's it. Beekeeper's Naturals Propolis Throat Spray - A must-have for anyone who trains hard, travels often, or is looking for natural immune support

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