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Road Trip Limited Edition Snack Pack


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Product Description

Hit the road with Simply AIP favorite such as: Chomps Italian Style Beef Chompling - Bring you favorite Italian-style meatball on-the-go with just the right balance of oregano, basil, onion, and garlic! Barnana Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Plantain Chips - A crispy, crunchy, nutrient-dense delight! Kiwa Vegetable Chips Mix - A perfect mix of plantain, beetroot, parsnip, cassava, & sweet potato Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar Banana Bread - The healthiest banana bread you'll ever eat! Vermont Village Vinegar Shot Blueberries & Honey - Enjoy as is or in still or sparkling water, cocktails, smoothies, or salads! GAEA Pitted Kalamata Olives - Delicious pitted Kalamata olives

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