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Summertime Fun Box (June)


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Product Description

The Simply AIP box delivers everything you need for simply enjoying AIP so you can live your best life while you heal! WHAT'S IN THE BOX? Mavuno Harvest Mango Coconut Bites - Chewy fruit bites made with sun ripened organic mango and coconut Vermont Village Vinegar Shot Blueberries & Honey - Enjoy as is or in still or sparkling water, cocktails, smoothies, or salads Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon - With no added liquid, these pouches are perfect for on the go! Binnie's Coconut Butter Very Vanilla - A harmonious blend of vanilla, coconut syrup, and coconut Barnana Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Plantain Chips - A crispy, crunchy nutrient dense delight! KC Naturals Mastodon AIP BBQ Seasoning & Rub - A hickory aroma and savory smells - great for meat and veggies! GAEA Pitted Kalamata Olives Snack Pack - Delicious pitted Kalamata olives Enviromedica Terraflora Synbiotic - Broad spectrum synbiotic with a combo of spore form probiotics and prebiotics designed for robust support of gastrointestinal health Mystery Product - varies with each box

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