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Sweet Treats Limited Edition Simply AIP Box


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Product Description

WHAT'S IN THE BOX? A selection of Simply AIP favorites such as: Laughing Giraffe Salted Caramel Snakaroons - Delicious coconut macaroons with salted caramel goodness Juice Performer Tart Cherry Juice - Reduces inflammation & muscle pain and increases sleep! Steve's Paleogoods Dried Strawberries - Wholesome, all-natural dried strawberries Mavuno Harvest Mango Coconut Fruit Bites - Chewy fruit bites made from sun ripened organic mango and coconut! Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar Banana Bread - The healthiest banana bread you'll ever eat! Autoimmuni-Tea Anti-Inflammatory Super Blend - Turmeric, rooibos, cinnamon & calendula make it a perfect anti-inflammatory cup of tea Binnie's Coconut Butter Very Vanilla - A harmonious blend of vanilla, coconut syrup, and coconut Araza Beauty Makeup Samples - Paleo makeup, organic arrowroot & natural clay finishing powder, coconut lip gloss, and raspberry & citrus infused eyecolor

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