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Aloha to Simplicity Box (September)


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Product Description

The Simply AIP box delivers everything you need for simply enjoying AIP so you can live your best life while you heal! WHAT'S IN THE BOX? - Seasonality Spices Black Lava Salt This black lava sea salt is extracted from the oceans surrounding the island Moloka'i and contains activated charcoal, hailed for its ability to remove toxins from the body. - Casabi Crackers (Garlic) Spritz with the Avocado Oil Spray and bake for 3 - 5 minutes for a taste like garlic bread! - Go Raw Coconut Crisps (Sea Salt & Vinegar) With just the right blend of coconut vinegar and coconut nectar, drizzled over organic coconut and finished with Celtic sea salt, it's a snack that's hard to put down. - Motha Butta Coconut Butter Organic coconut and that's it -- use in sauces, icings, creams, and as a butter substitute. - Wild Zora Bar Mediterranean Lamb Bar with Spinach, Rosemary, and turmeric! - Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Spray Use for baking, sauteing, or stir-frying, or as a spritz on salads or the Casabi crackers! - Hued Shoppe & Botanica (Coconut Oil & Milk Soap) Consciously Crafted Luxurious Handmade Soap scented with Lime & Litsea Essential Oils

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