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Spring Into Simplicity Box (May)


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Product Description

The Simply AIP box delivers everything you need for simply enjoying AIP so you can live your best life while you heal! WHAT’S IN THE BOX? • Roots Honey & Cinnamon Tigernut Butter This is a yummy substitute for peanut butter—with no nuts! • Cocoburg Ginger & Teriyaki Coconut Jerky Coconut meat with the umami taste of teriyaki and a ginger kick! • AV Jorden Fields of Eden Lip Balm Lavandar and vanilla make a lovely bouquet of relaxation in this natural lip balm • Mavuno Harvest Tropical Mix (Mango, Pineapple, & Banana) A sweet and delicious mix of mango, pineapple and banana • Sweet Potato Awesome Bits of Flat Out Awesome Freeze dried organic sweet potato bits perfect for dipping! • Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate Convenience Pack Great for hair, nails, reduced joint pain, restful sleep, digestion, and more! • Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips with Sea Salt The AIP version of a kettle cooked potato chip—yum! • Wild Zora Bar Mediterranean Lamb Bar with Spinach, Rosemary, and turmeric!

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